Bewitched (Coronado Series Book 6)

Written by Lea Hart
Category: · Romance

Paige Bennett finds herself in the hands of terrorists in northern Jordan. Not completely unexpected considering her career in the diplomatic corps, but not welcome, either. She and a fellow diplomat need the cavalry, and they need it now.
Unfortunately, their captors’ talk of executing them is increasing rapidly, so the chances of a rescue are slim to none. Unless Lieutenant Commander Blake Carmichael and his fire team get there in time.
Blake and his team find themselves faced with the usual dangers in the hills of Sakib as ISIS makes a play for the region. The one danger he didn’t see coming was the tiny tornado from Texas.
A routine snatch and grab turns into the mission of his career as he finds himself captivated by a woman who works her magic on him without even trying.
Watch what happens when a SEAL finds himself bewitched by a diplomat. Will he surrender to the spell she’s cast, or will she disappear from his life forever?



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