Betwixt a Wolf and a Hard Place (Megan Stephens Book 2)

Written by Caroline Hanson

What do you get when you mix a witch, a were-hamster and a sinister vampire?

Just another day in the life of Megan Stephens. She may be a witch-for-hire, but the snark is all free.

Returning to New York after a blissful weekend with her hot werewolf-boyfriend Zack, Megan gets a dangerous doozy of a case. A were-hamster and supernatural librarian are missing and Lancelot Devere– a vampire so dangerous that he makes his name intimidating– is the prime suspect.

Can she crack the case before someone winds up dead?

Please note: This story picks up after Bewitching the Werewolf and has undregone some serious revising. To be honest (and perhaps give a bit TMI) I wrote the original version when I was wading through a lot of emotional garbage and the story didn’t have the same happy and fun tone people expected. I took it down, extensively rewrote it, and I hope readers like the new version as much as I do. Thank you for giving it a try!



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