Betty’s Journal (Piper Anderson Bonus Material) (Piper Anderson Series)

Written by Danielle Stewart
Category: · Romance

This is a small addition to the Piper Anderson Series for all those readers who couldn’t get enough of Betty and her humor. To avoid spoilers this should be read after the first four books of the series and is only a compliment to the series, not a stand alone story. – Just something fun!

Take a look through the eyes of Betty as she watches the world around her. Always wanted to try her recipes? You’ll find them tucked in these pages. Wondering how the restaurant has turned out? See what she’s serving. Wish you and a front row seat to the weddings and even Betty’s own big moments? Then you’ll be glad to have found Betty’s Journal.

Piper Anderson Series:
Book 1: Chasing Justice
Book 2: Cutting Ties
Book 3: Changing Fate
Book 4: Finding Freedom
Book 5: Settling Scores
Book 6: Battling Destiny
Book 7: Chris & Sydney Collection: Choosing Christmas & Saving Love
Betty’s Journal – Bonus Material(suggested to be read after Book 4 to avoid spoilers)



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