Best Chinese Take-out Recipes from Mama Li’s Kitchen

Written by Sarah Spencer

Prepare delicious Chinese take-out food with Mama Li’s best secret recipes! From Mama Li’s Kitchen to yours.

The beauty of Chinese cuisine lies in its simplicity. With a few ingredients rightfully chosen and flavorful spices, you can create the most amazing fresh meals in no time. You don’t need to be an exceptional cook or have an immense pantry to enjoy your favorite takeout dishes fresh from your own kitchen. With a few simple ingredients, a couple of tools, and the desire to make your own Chinese takeout cuisine, you can soon be crafting these dishes for yourself.

It has become a tradition in our family to cook like Mama Li. In this book, you will find a collection of her best Chinese take-out recipes from her restaurant.

Mama Li showed me everything I know about cooking Asian foods. One of the warmest memories I have from Mama Li was the patience she showed toward me when she hired me to assist in her restaurant’s kitchen. She would carefully explain and show me how to choose the right ingredients at the market, handle the knife and chop quickly the fresh produces, prepare the secret sauce with just the right amount of spices and ingredients, stir-fry with the most amazing pan in my kitchen, the wok, how to use a bamboo steamer and so much more. I learned so much for those two wonderful years working for Mama Li. Since, then I have continued cooking like Mama Li showed me while adapting the recipes to my own family’s preferences.

In this book, you will find everything you need to know about making at home delicious Chinese take-out dishes including:

•Appetizing take-out soups like Traditional Hot and Sour Soup.
•Classic take-out appetizers like the Traditional Pork Egg Rolls and Shrimp Toasts.
•Vegetable to Go like Eggplant in garlic Sauce.
•Memorable rice and noodle dishes like the Yang Chow Fried Rice or Chicken Lo Mein.
•Chinese chicken and pork masterpieces like General Tso’s Chicken or the Twice Cooked Pork.
•Beef take-out favourite recipes like Szechwan Beef or Kung Pao Beef
•Memorable seafood dishes like Mu Shu Shrimp
•Mama Li specialities such as the Orange beef or Lake Tung Ting Shrimp
•And even desserts including the famous Fortune Cookies

So let’s get cooking! Roll back up and grab your copy today!



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