Be Proud (Talking with Trees Book 1)

Written by Colleen Doyle Bryant
Category: · Children’s Books

(Kindle edition now in Amazon’s new picture book format- Displays on Kindle like a full- color, printed picture book with text pop ups.)

A boy sneaks off to play his game player when mom told him not to. He figures that as long as he doesn’t get caught, he’s not lying, right? A wise old tree steps in to help the boy learn that truly being honest is about more than just not speaking lies. If you have to sneak around because you know something is wrong, that’s a kind of dishonesty too. And it doesn’t feel good on the inside.

With heartwarming wisdom, the tree shows the boy how to listen to his conscience (“that voice in your head and feeling in your heart that tells you if something is right or wrong, even when no one is looking”) and helps him learn how to forgive and grow from his mistakes.

With lessons on honesty, conscience, and forgiveness, Be Proud helps children learn that honesty counts in both your actions and your words. And the book teaches children to listen to their conscience, so they can feel the true reward of making good choices—that feeling of pride for having done the right thing, even when it’s hard.

Written for children grades K-4, Talking with Trees books include supersize pictures that engage children emotionally, helping them learn how to use their hearts and minds to guide them toward building good character traits. The included discussion guide helps parents and teachers expand on the story to talk about children’s own experiences building good character. Free supporting teaching materials are available at



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