Basic Photography: Basic Camera Techniques for your DSLR

Written by Diane Griffiths
Category: · Arts & Photography

This is a short ebook on the very basics of DSLR photography. If you want something more detailed or advanced check out my ebook called ‘Unlock your DLSR’.

I cover two primary areas in this ebook:

1) Discover your Camera
I talk through the basic workings of the camera body and what’s important to look out for when you’re buying a camera.

2) Get Off AUTO;
Anyone can point and shoot, in this section I want to give you something more. In order to really allow yourself to really get creative with your camera, you first have to understand a little of the science.
This no-nonsense section takes you through the basic technical concepts in order for you to understand the three main technical elements of taking a photograph; the shutter, aperture and ISO. I take it slow and provide diagrams to help you visualise what I’m saying.

Bonus – 2 Creative Techniques
In order to give you a taste of what you can do with that information I’ve also included two bonus sections covering how to freeze action and produce creative blur.



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