Bartender with Benefits (Blackwell Book 4)

Written by Mickey Miller
Category: · Romance

Top 100 Amazon Bestselling Author Mickey Miller brings you a Steamy Romantic Comedy
Our relationship is oh so wrong. So why does every night with her feel so right?
Clarissa Hanks is the small town golden girl who went to Harvard. I’m the f*#$ up who never left town. We were never meant to be together. That’s just a fact. I’ve accepted it.
Don’t believe me? Let me tell you all the reasons why I can’t be with Clarissa Hanks:
-She’s my best buddy’s little sister
-Her mom basically helped raise me as one of their family (until I turned into the bad boy of Blackwell)
-Now her mom hates me (see above bullet)
-Cole and I have made a pact to never, ever date each others’ siblings.
So those are the first four things, right off the top of my head. And also:
-Clarissa is hot, smart, and sexy
-She may or may not be the subject of many of my late night fantasies
-When she giggles, the glasses on her face wiggle, and it’s the cutest thing ever
Oh, my bad.
I was supposed to be saying all the reasons we can’t hook up.
I got distracted by how badly I want her.
Basically–my buddy Cole will kill me if he finds out we’re a thing.
But after a late night at the bar, a couple of body shots, and a wedding ring…
You know what? I’ll just let you read for yourself.
It’s a complicated tale. 
This is about to wrong in all the ways it can go wrong.
Even though it feels so damn right. 
Bartender with Benefits is standalone with an HEA, written in mostly male POV. It takes place in the Blackwell world. Enjoy!



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