Banished (Street Rats of Aramoor: Book 1)

Written by Michael Wisehart

Raised by mercenaries, Ayrion has one fatal flaw: A Conscience

Unlike most kids his age who spend their time learning a trade, Ayrion spends his days learning how to fight, how to scale mountains, how to infiltrate a compound undetected, grab a target, and disappear.

Desperate to become the youngest Upakan to claim the title of warrior, Ayrion trains harder than anyone else his age. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries, something is always standing in his way.

If there’s one thing Ayrion’s learned, it’s that being the best isn’t always a good thing. In a society where the strongest rule, staying on top is a constant battle that comes with unexpected consequences…consequences that even he could not have imagined.

– I’ve read almost 1,000 books and this one is at the top – Amazon Reviewer
– It’s like I have a mini-movie playing in my head – Amazon Reviewer
– A book that I can let my children read also. Please keep writing – Amazon Reviewer
– You will want more when you turn the last page – Amazon Reviewer

Street Rats of Aramoor
Book 1 | Banished
Book 2 | Hurricane



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