Baked Buddha: The Asian Marijuana Cookbook For Healthy Cannabis Recipes: The Culinary Green Movement – When East meets West (Cannabis Cookbook, Marijuana Horticulture, Grow Weed)

Written by Darren Ma

Cannabis and Marijuana Cooking with an Asian Twist

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You Grow it, You Smoke it, But How Do You Eat it like a Baked Buddha?!

Welcome to the Baked Buddha, The Culinary Green Movement, When East meets West. Inside this stress free book you will find delicious Cannabis recipes that would suit your every mood.

This is not your typical Marijuana cookbook where you bake brownies and cakes – NO – it is a culinary adventure where you will learn to infuse your own Cannabis oils, butters and creams and use that foundation to cook your way through delicious Asian meals.

Inside the Baked Buddha you will find your favorite recipes for ramens, beef noodle soups, laksas, Sichuan greens and many more delicious recipes that go great with Cannabis. Instead of just eating weed brownies, why not have a proper meal and relax with your friends. Enjoy the rest of your day and do it all over again with the Baked Buddha.

The Baked Buddha will help you find your Zen.

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