Awakened Spells (Awakened Spells Book One)

Written by Logan Byrne

When you’re a thief trying to get by on the scraps of your labor, life is anything but easy.

Lexa Blackmoon, orphan and low-end magical thief, is just trying to get by the best way she can. But when a shadow mage tells her she’s meant for something greater, she can’t help feeling he’s telling the truth.

Taken to a secret resistance camp, Lexa learns that not only is she a mage, but she bears the Mark of Merlin, a magical power greater than she’s ever dreamt of. She trains her powers to infiltrate the ranks of the magical police force tasked with keeping the arcane realm secret from normal humans.

But when the sinister president-turned-dictator, Kiren Nightstorm, attempts to take over the realm, Lexa must defeat his secret crime syndicate before he enslaves the entire magical race.

This book features a strong witch heroine and fast-paced action and adventure, including werewolves, shifters, vampires, and more!



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