August’s Heat (Larry Macklin Mysteries Book 10)

Written by A. E. Howe
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Criminal investigator Larry Macklin faces a classic who-done-it when Conrad Higgins, a local antiques dealer with questionable ethics, is found shot in his own home.

Larry soon realizes that half the town had reason to hate the man. Is the murderer the next door neighbor with an ax to grind? The friendly nursing home volunteer who believes Higgins swindled her mother? The rich silent partner with a checkered past? Or even Higgins’s nephew, who’s on the run from his own personal demons.

Larry barely has time to wrap his brain around all the options when one of the suspects is viciously attacked and another disappears. It’s going to take all his skills as an investigator, and a little help from his partners and friends, for Larry to crack this case.



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