Attack on Nui Ba Den: A Viet Nam War Novel

Written by David Allin

On the night of May 13, 1968, the Viet Cong overran a U. S. Army radio relay outpost on the peak of Nui Ba Den, an extinct volcano that looms over the plains of Tay Ninh Province near the Cambodian border. American casualties were horrendous, and because the communists controlled every part of the mountain except the summit, no immediate reinforcements or relief were possible. This little-known battle is the backdrop for a fictional story about Bill Mathis, an Army Security Agency intelligence specialist posted on the peak, and his two friends, John Kasperek, a communications technician, and Daniel McDaniel, a Green Beret sergeant, as they fight side by side to survive the night of slaughter. Based on extensive research, the novel accurately portrays what happened during that long horrible night from the perspective of the men who endured it, bringing to life a terrifying and bloody engagement that has been appropriately called a massacre. Be sure to read this exciting and inspiring story based on real events.



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