Aster Wood and the Book of Leveling (Book 2)

Written by J. B. Cantwell
Category: · Children’s Books

After failing to locate the celebrated sorcerer Almara, Aster Wood has done the next best thing; he has found, and rescued, Almara’s daughter, Jade. Now, the two are traveling through the Maylin Fold together, still searching for the lost wizard. He is the one man who can answer their questions about why the planets within the Fold are dying, what it means for Earth, and how the evil can be stopped.

But when they finally do find Almara, he’s in no state to be of any help to anyone. They must push on with him in tow and hope to find the little known Book of Leveling, an ancient tome said to hold the key to balancing the planets in the Fold. Little by little, tiny fragments of information leak from Almara’s fractured mind, and they draw closer and closer to their goal. Aster hopes that the discovery of the book will lead to not just the healing of worlds, but the healing of the people who inhabit them. Including the one person Aster has barely dared think of for the past eight years, his long-mad father.

But a new enemy is waiting for them, watching every step that they take. The Corentin, a force of evil so great that few dare to pass along their knowledge of him, is examining their every move, playing with them like puppets on strings.

And Jade. Aster thought he had saved her for good, that the release from her mountain prison would be enough to bring her back from the misery she had experienced for so many years. But her happiness is fading, and in her eyes Aster sees flashes of a malice so deep that it chills him to his core.

Aster must make it to the book and wrench it from the clutches of the Corentin before it’s too late. Before his friend, and her old, mad father, are lost to his strange hold over them. And before he, himself, falls to the dark bed of madness the Corentin has waiting.

The Book of Leveling is the second book of five in the teen fantasy series Aster Wood, perfect for lovers of middle grade science fiction. These teen adventure books are a wild ride through the cosmos!

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“A really well-written fantasy series with a great main character in the form of Aster Wood. The book is based on a very original scheme of time and space travel to different dimensions and planets, with a little wizardry and magic thrown in.”

“Aster is a great new hero, and the story is an exciting fantasy story, where a young man discovers his history and is thrust on a path not of his choosing.”

“The world of Aster Wood is full of adventure and it’s unique; it’s unlike other fantasy stories I’ve read. I highly recommend it.”

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Aster Wood and the Book of Leveling is the second book of five in this action-packed top teen series, perfect for teen adventure readers. Pick up this fresh new series of middle grade fantasy novels for middle school and young adult readers alike.



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