Anomalies: A Collection of Contemporary Fantasy & Science Fiction Short Stories

Written by Steven M Walsh
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Contemporary fantasy author Steven M Walsh brings you a collection of tales wherein the unusual intrudes on the usual:

A college girl on a walk through town happens upon a bookstore with a mysterious character

One woman’s sleepy life at her hi-tech estate is upended by an unexpected visitor

Three boys take a walk in the woods; one becomes lost in plain sight

The last will and testament left to an eldest son contains a very strange request

A group of physics students find themselves in the middle of an experiment that accidentally changes the very nature of space and time

During exorcisms, the unusual is the usual; but how often does the demon ask one to sit down and have a chat?

And more…

From college campus, to suburban bedroom, to starships in the furthest depths of space, seven newly published short stories will take you a journey to experience how unsuspecting persons can suddenly have their lives changed forever when they encounter Anomalies



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