Angels of the Appalachians

Written by Deanna Edens
Category: · History

Angels of the Appalachians is a fresh and endearing tale, filled with folksy phrases and amusing adages of the South. It’s the story of two women who meet in 1980, gray-haired Erma telling her life story to Annie, a young college student living in Charleston, West Virginia. The tale she tells is also of two women, and their adventures beginning in the coalfields of Red Ash, growing up near Thurmond, and eventually finding their way to Charleston in 1915.

Strong mountain women, historical places, faith, and grief are themes explored in this account of a friendship that spans across decades.

You will find yourself wishing to call on the fine folks of the Appalachian Mountains, relax for a spell, and stumble upon the angels who made West Virginia so gloriously wild and wonderful.



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