Angel of Mercy (The Fallen Book 1)

Written by Lisa Olsen
Category: · Romance · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

From Bestselling Paranormal Romance Author Lisa Olsen – Book One of The Fallen
I don’t know why I got stabbed. I don’t know why I healed overnight.

I don’t know why I keep seeing the same guy in my dreams, on the sidewalk, at the mini-mart near my apartment – the insanely hot guy with the piercing blue eyes that nobody can see but me.

I have to follow him. I have to talk to him.

And he’s not the only one stalking me. That guy with the knife? He’s still out there, and he knows where I live.

I have to know. What am I now? Am I still human? Am I part angel? Or am I something new?

* This is the first book in a completed, five book series about fallen angels and demons, and contains a cliffhanger.

Editorial Review

Author Lisa Olsen blends urban fantasy with paranormal romance in this inventive series about fallen angels. Her quirky voice leads us through the twists and turns as Mercy tries to find her footing, merging her ordinary life with her newfound angelic abilities. Samael, the introverted fallen angel who accidentally gives Mercy some of his power, is frustratingly literal-minded and little help in her quest to find out what she is. Sexy, bad boy Adam adds just the right amount of friction to her already complicated life, and I wasn’t sure if she should kiss him or smack him upside the head. The first in a five book series, Ms. Olsen leaves us with a cliffhanger that’ll have you clicking for the next book ASAP!



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