AND JUSTICE FOR ONE: A Novel of Revenge (Jack Devlin “One” Series Book 1)

Written by John Clarkson
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

If someone you loved were savagely beaten and left in a coma,
how far would you go to find justice?

How far could you go if those responsible for the crime were protected by power, money, and corrupt police?

For most of us, not too far. For Jack Devlin, as far as it takes to get justice, even if it means descending into the lawless underworld of New York after-hours clubs where sex and drugs fuel the madness, and the men behind the criminal enterprise kill without hesitation.

AND JUSTICE FOR ONE is set in 1980’s New York City during a time when many New Yorkers put their heads down, accepted the unacceptable, and hoped they’d come out okay.

Perhaps not so different from today.

That’s why AND JUSTICE FOR ONE is such a satisfying and compelling page-turner. The reader gets to walk with a man who has the guts, brains, and determination fight for what’s right – no matter what.

This is the second edition of the complex, thoroughly-researched, and highly acclaimed debut novel in the Jack Devlin “One” Series re-edited by the author, John Clarkson.

If you missed Clarkson’s AND JUSTICE FOR ONE the first time around, do not miss it this time.

Praise for the debut novel of the Jack Devlin “ONE” Series:

“Packs a savage punch!” – The New York Times

“The Death Wish of the ‘90s. Brutally real, fast as a heavyweight champion’s left hook. Unforgettable impact.” – William J. Caunitz

“Clarkson’s debut delivers what it promises with smooth authority.” – Publishers Weekly

“The writing is supercharged as Clarkson keeps the reader on edge with a constant stream of action.” – Orlando Sentinel

“Dark, sexy, tough, and fast.” – Kirkus Reviews

“A powerful writer.” – Loren D. Estleman



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