Ancient Rome: A History From Beginning to End (Ancient Civilizations Book 1)

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Ancient Rome

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Rome is a city of myth and legend. The Eternal City, the city of the seven hills, the sacred city, the caput mundi, the center of the world, Roma, Rome, by any of her many names is a city built of history and blood, marble and water, war and conquest.

Inside you will read about…

✓ Legendary Beginnings
✓ The Senate and the People
✓ Ave Caesar
✓ Empire
✓ Rulers of the World
✓ The Fall
✓ Legacy

From legendary beginnings, a city rose from the swamp surrounded by the seven hills and split by the Tiber River. Built and rebuilt, a sacred republic and a divine empire, blessed by a thousand gods and by One, the story of her rise and fall has been told and retold for a thousand years and is still relevant in today’s world, as echoes of her ancient glory have shaped our culture, laws, lifestyle and beliefs in subtle and pervasive ways.



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