Anchihiiroo – Origin of an Antihero (Tales from Toonopolis Book 1)

Written by Jeremy Rodden
Category: · Children’s Books

Note from the author: Tales from Toonopolis is a series of novellas starring characters met in the Toonopolis Files books. They are stand-alone stories and can be read in any order, even without reading the main novels. Each one takes place entirely in one of the sections of the cartoon city, Toonopolis, and thus have a wide range of tones and styles!
This particular story is an action-adventure tale inspired by Anime cartoons and Manga.

In Toonopolis: Gemini, Anchihiiroo (aka Han’Eiyuu) is the former hero of Animetown who turns Rogue after meeting the devious Shadowy Figure, forcing his creator to change him into a villain instead of the anti-hero he once was.

Learn the full origin of Anchihiiroo, from his tragic childhood as Yoshi of Higeki to the warrior training that allowed him to put a stop to the Ninja-Pirate War that plagued Animetown. Witness his relationship with the phoenix Suzaku and his inevitable Rogue turn after meeting the mysterious Shadowy Figure. It is a story about destiny and a young man’s desire to make his own path in the world.



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