An Uncollected Death (The Charlotte Anthony Mysteries Book 1)

Written by Meg Wolfe
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Broke, friendless, and career in freefall–will solving a murder get her life back on track?
An Uncollected Death introduces Charlotte Anthony, a forty-something divorcĂ©e, single mother and magazine editor who suddenly finds herself an empty-nester, unemployed, and on the verge of bankruptcy. She gratefully takes the job of editing the journals of Olivia Bernadin, a long-lost nouveau roman author. Things rapidly deteriorate, however, when she finds Olivia left for dead the first day on the job–and herself a suspect in the crime.
Charlotte turns amateur detective as she works out cryptic clues to find Olivia’s hidden journals and to clear herself of suspicion, all while reinventing her life by downsizing to a tiny apartment in the small college town of Elm Grove, Indiana.
But efficient and independent Charlotte must also learn to accept the help of a new group of friends when she finds herself threatened by criminals who will stop at nothing–not even murder–to get their hands on something of immense value hidden within Olivia’s hoard of collectibles.
The Charlotte Anthony novels are traditional, character-driven mysteries whose overarching theme is how the past informs the present, and how even a small town in the American Midwest can be connected to a much larger world.



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