an inkling hope: select poems

Written by Erin Thomas

Poetry. A labor of love.

Drawn from material written over a span of 12 years, 128 form and free verse poems dance together through a variety of topics, themes, and styles. Each has been selected for its strong visual presentation, an element of timelessness and one or more of potent metaphor or allegory, intricate yet tastefully evasive abstraction, and a concrete storyline—real or imagined.

Subjects range broadly, from following the birth of a star as metaphor for the birth of a human consciousness to a five page dance with solitude in the pine and scrub oak studded backcountry of the Yolla Bolly wilderness. At one end of the spectrum, find sonnets and free verse reflecting elements of the human condition such as loss, grief, addiction and abuse. At the other end find villanelles and metered poems exploring metaphors for modern culture, spiritual understanding and the cultivation of hope.



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