An Elephant for Aristotle

Written by L. Sprague de Camp

What finer way for Alexander the Great to honor his old tutor Aristotle than to send him an actual Indian elephant.

After capturing a magnificent specimen from an Indian ruler, Alexander tasks Leon of Atrax, a cavalry commander, to deliver the animal to Aristotle in Athens.

Leon leads a motley crew of companions (and the elephant) from India to Greece, and in the process encounter all sorts of dangers and adventures while completing the long and arduous journey.

“An amazing narrative vehicle for the display of … a fairly complete composite of the life and times of which the author writes.”—The Chicago Daily Tribune

“By hybridizing a Middle-Eastern travelogue with an Alexandrine comedy of manners, the author has produced a specimen only slightly less rare then elephants in Westchester–to wit, a historical novel with a sense of humor.”—The New York Times

“Engaging new novel.”—The Washington Post



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