An Accidental Family: Daily Life After the Bio-War

Written by J. E. Carter
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

After devastating biological attacks kill more than 90% of the world’s population, does life go on?
Can a retired soldier and pair of young orphans make a difference for their small rural community?

Originally published online over a two year period, “An Accidental Family” is now available in Kindle format and covers many details of 7 weeks in the life of the community.

Some comments from online readers:
– This is a great story, just found it and read it to the last chapter. Thanks for sharing with us.
– Great story, thanks for sharing.
– Love the story, can’t wait for the next chapter
– Great memories, brought by great writing, Thank YOU very much!!!
– Great work so far. Definitely signed on to follow this one.
– Thank you so much for this wonderful story! I enjoyed it from beginning to end. You have a special gift for “fleshing out” human relations and motives. I really appreciated that. My 6 year old had a question about hydroelectric dams and I read him the sections of your book that were applicable. He understood it just fine 😉
– My 17 year old son has asked that this story be his assigned reading for school. Due to the superior nature of your book, he now has a wholesome and very educational book that he is eager to read. As his Mother and teacher, I so appreciate that. Thank you!



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