Amazon Repricer HACKS: Supercharge Amazon’s Built In Repricer

Written by Jason Wilkey
Category: · Business & Money

Despite the fact that many FBA sellers hate that other FBA sellers use a repricing software, the truth is that you will sale more and make more money using a repricer to sell your FBA inventory.

Amazon provides a free built in repricer that is included in the Amazon Seller Central dashboard that many sellers have never tired to use because they have heard horror stories that it doesn’t work.

Or worse, they have tried it and didn’t understand how to set it to make it work right and it lost them money.

This causes Amazon FBA sellers to either reprice manually or pay for a high price 3rd party repricer.

In this short ebook, I show you how to set the repricer to actually work.

First I dispel the 2 most common myths:

1) that it only prices downward

2) that is doesn’t work when there is no BUY BOX.

Then I show several of my “recipes” I use when I am setting my repricer. Along the way I tell you things you need to watch out for that can cause you issues.

In a nut shell, with a 10 minute read (and lots of pictures) , I will show you how to dump the 3rd party repricer that you are paying $50-$100+ a month for while showing you how to sell more products with the aid of the free built in repricer.



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