Alfred the Time Traveling Dinosaur (Children’s Picture Book) (Alfred the Dinosaur)

Written by Brandon Cullum
Category: · Children’s Books

The #1 Best Selling Journey of Time Traveling Friendship

Alfred is a dinosaur. He is big and blue and a little mean as he rules the Jurassic. But he finds himself alone, not getting to play with the other dinosaurs. Alfred has no friends and sets off a crazy time traveling adventure to find someone who will play with him.

Will Alfred find the friend he is looking for? Will he find the person that can see past his bully tendencies and teach him what it is like to be a real friend? Find out in Book One of the Alfred the Dinosaur Series!

This book is perfect for bedtime and any young reader!

˃˃˃ 216 People Helped Create This Story

This book was created with 216 people who voted on things like the main characters name and his color. Do you want to help tell the story and get your name in Alfred the Dinosaur: Book Two? You can join the adventure at

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