Air Fryer Cookbook: The Quick & Easy Guide to Delicious Air Fryer Meals – Air Fryer Recipes – Complete Air Fryer Guide

Written by Kelly Cohen

Get the Best, In-depth Recipes for your Air Fryer!

Finally… Easy to make, Healthy and Delicious Air Fried Meals

Welcome to The Air Fryer Ultimate Cookbook, where you will find delicious and healthy air fried meals that will bring your whole family to the table. In this Air Fryer Best Seller you will find TASTY meals that could EASILY be prepared and cooked with your Air fryer.

This collection includes crispy chicken, beef and pork entrées and some of your favorite seafood and vegetable meals! It is a recipe cookbook that puts a new twist on your beloved home-cooked meals that will keep your family full and happy!

With this air fryer cookbook, you will be able to whip up your favorite entrees that pair great with jasmine rice, pastas and fresh baked breads. No matter how you are feeling, there is a recipe to suit your every mood and taste bud!

Versatility is key! The recipes in this collection are also very functional and would make great lunches, weekend dinners and even holiday feasts that will surely impress your relatives and friends!

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Kindle Readers

Welcome to the Kindle Version of the Air Fryer Ultimate Cookbook by Kelly Cohen

If you would like to enjoy a more colorful and interactive version of this cookbook, then check out Kelly Cohen’s Paperback copy. The Paperback Copy of the Air Fryer Ultimate Cookbook is printed in full color with pictures and sections that allows the reader to write down their own tips and tricks to their favorite Air Fryer recipes.

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