Air Fryer Cookbook: 500+ Delicious & Healthy Air Fryer Recipes For Home Cooking

Written by Gloria Lee

Over 500+ Easy & Delicious Air Fryer Recipes In This Cookbook!

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A BEGINNER FRIENDLY Air Fryer recipe cookbook suitable for those with ZERO COOKING EXPERIENCE


This 500+ Air Fryer cookbook was created for the purpose of serving the home cooks out there that want to make QUICK & DELICIOUS Air Fryer recipes that are not only tasty, but will help you stay Healthy.

What you’ll get in my 500+ MASSIVE Air Fryer Cookbook
FAST and EASY recipes for home cooking (loads of recipes to Air Fry in under 20 minutes)

  • Many recipes taking less than 15 or 20 minutes!
  • SIMPLE and EASY to follow recipes, suitable for BEGINNERS.

Healthy recipes for WEIGHT LOSS – The Air Fryer is used again & again by individuals trying to lose weight. The Air Fryer method of cooking is much healthier than your standard cooking.

  • Healthier with less oil using the Air Fryer
  • Lose 15lbs, 30lbs, 45lbs+ using these Air Fryer Recipes
  • Note: There are some recipes in the Dessert section that aren’t focused on health, but we all need a cheat meal here and there!

☑ A MASSIVE Collection of Air Fryer Recipes for all times of the day;

  • Over 150 Breakfast Recipes, Snacks & Appetizer Recipes!
  • A MASSIVE 200+ Lunch Meals
  • 3 MONTHS WORTH of different Dinner recipes for every night!
  • 50+ Air Fried Desserts
  • Over 500+ Easy To Make Air Fryer Recipes

☑ A mouth-watering supply of a RIDICULOUS variety of recipes;

  • Air Fried Chips & Pizza – for a healthy alternative to a once naughty snack
  • Warm soups & Indian curries – for nights at home during Winter
  • Seafood recipes for the secret chef within you!
  • Powerhouse of dishes inspired for all around the world: Italian, Mexican, Asian, German, etc.
  • Plenty of meat dishes; Beef, Chicken, Pork etc. for the meat lovers!
  • Desserts and Snacks for both health-focused eaters, and those looking for a naughty sugar hit.
  • Plus more, more & MORE!


Many Air Fryers today have extra Air Fryer accessories supplied or as an optional extra; Air Fryer Basket, Air Fryer Baking Pan, Air Fryer Double Layer Rack, Air Fryer Grill Pan etc. Recognizing this I’ve created Air Fryer recipes that utilize these different components.

If your Air Fryer only comes with the standard Air Fryer basket, don’t worry! The majority of these recipes only require the standard Air Fryer basket.


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