Acrylic Painting For Beginners: Everything you need to know before painting your first acrylic masterpiece (Acrylic Painting Toturials Book 1)

Written by Michael Praem
Category: · Arts & Photography

I’ve always loved art. From the time I was a child, growing up and watching Bob Ross paint happy little clouds, the joy of creating something beautiful with my hands has inspired me. So I dabbled; first in watercolors, then in oils, then in acrylics, and grew to love painting even more. I would always get asked, though, about the differences in types of paints, or the types of brushes to use, even what to do with the painting when it was finished. So I decided to create an instruction book. It’s my belief that everyone who has the desire can make beauty when they set brush to canvas, and if that’s what you’re wanting to do, then that’s what we’re going to do!

A little preview of what we’re going to cover in this book. First, I’m going to explain the difference between acrylics and oils – both are worthy artists’ tools, but we’re sticking solely with acrylics here. I’m also going to explain the types of acrylic paints; the types of brushes and creative non-brush alternatives (limited only by your imagination!); various types of canvases; and some tools of the trade. I’ll explain about the color palette and mixing colors, and we’ll have a few practices using these techniques. Finally, we’ll discuss preserving your painting, so you can keep it fresh and able to show off.

By the end of this instructional eBook, you’ll have the basics down, and all that’s left will be to take what you’ve learned and make some amazing acrylic paintings of your own!



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