Accidental Action Star: Standalone YA romance (Accidental #3)

Written by Emily Evans
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

College freshman Hannah dreams of becoming an artist for a major motion picture studio. And, she’s got a shot…if she can get Max Stone to sign a few little forms.
Max Stone.
The Max Stone – the studio’s hottest, top-ranked, action star. Dark hair. Golden Eyes.
Maybe she’ll get to draw him. Maybe she’ll get a date out of this. Or, two or three…
Sure, Max never dates a girl more than twice. And, he doesn’t date nice girls, or co-workers, or crazy artists…and Hannah is all three….but if Max thinks Hannah will take ‘no’ for an answer, he doesn’t know crazy. And the best way to get close to Max is to take a role in his film.
Meet Hannah – the Accidental Action Star.



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