Written by Brian Inglis
Category: · History

This book is concerned with that period of English history over eighty years ago in which a king fell in love with a commoner and had to abdicate his throne.

How did this situation arise? Who here the dramatis personae? Against what background did they become what they were? What did the English think of their king? What did the abdication reveal of the social and moral values by which people lived?

Brian Inglis has concerned himself only with the truth behind this event which shook the world. This book is not a search for scandals. It is a careful analysis of the state of the moral climate of Britain during the thirties, and is essentially an objective, though deeply concerned and aware account of a particularly poignant moment in British history.

Brian Inglis was an Irish journalist, historian and TV presenter. He was popularly known in Britain as the presenter for All Our Yesterdays. His publications covered a range of topics, including biographies, medicine and the paranormal. Other books by Inglis include The Forbidden Game: A Social History of Drugs and The Story of Ireland, amongst many others.



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