A Walk in the Park: A Vietnam Comedy

Written by Odon Bacque

Odon L. Bacque Jr. figures his poor eyesight rules him out for the draft, not to mention the fact that he’s studying law in college, so the young man doesn’t worry too much about the war raging in Vietnam. But when his law school requests he doesn’t return, Bacque learns just how wrong he was.

Still convinced his eyesight—or rather the lack of it—disqualifies him from a combat position, he learns once again he’s mistaken. Sent through Officer Candidate School, he winds up assigned to the 5th Special Forces…the Green Berets.

Once in Vietnam, Bacque prepares for the worst—only to have fate finally cut him some slack. Reassigned from an A team back to a B team, he finds himself removed from the front lines and ordered to perform a task better suited to an accounting major, a course he barely passed in college. Still, it beat trying to survive jungle warfare with a serious vision impairment…

A Walk in the Park: A Vietnam Comedy charts Bacque’s experiences in Vietnam along with his growing disillusionment with the war’s management. Funny without being disrespectful, his story offers a surprisingly comedic look at wartime service.



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