A Trail Too Far: A Western Frontier Adventure

Written by Robert Peecher
Category: · History

Terror on the Santa Fe Trail.

A gang of border ruffians are loose on the Kansas prairie in 1860, committing callous murder as they drift from one place to the next.

Amos Cummings is the patriarch of family of emigrants, seeking to start a new life in California. Cummings has hired Rab Sinclair to guide his party as far as Santa Fe.

But Rab’s easy way in the wilderness does not mix well with the family’s Eastern values, and he soon finds himself at odds with some among them. When Amos Cummings’ wife and daughter develop a fondness for Rab, the relationship is strained even farther.

But when the family encounters the gang of bloodthirsty bandits, their moral code against violence will be tested.

When these ruffians abduct one among the emigrants, Rab Sinclair may find that to save his charge he must travel A Trail Too Far.

If you love classic Westerns under open skies and over rolling plains, A Trail Too Far promises to be an instant favorite.

So check that you’ve got plenty of beans and jerky, and saddle up for an overland crossing on the Santa Fe Trail.

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