A Royal Entanglement: The Young Royals Book 2

Written by Emma Lea

On the day of the new Queen’s coronation, a man from Lady Alexandra’s past turns up unannounced in Merveille. Lord Frédéric intercepts him and discovers that Alex had left this man at the altar six months ago and now he was here to claim her.

Alex hasn’t told anyone the real reason she left everything she had worked so hard for in the States to move to Merveille and take up the position of Queen Alyssa’s personal assistant. But now the main reason for her flight from the US has turned up on the palace’s doorstep and she is backed into a corner. The only person that she can think of to help her is Freddie, but she worried that getting too close to him might just do more harm than good.

The last thing Freddie wants is to get entangled with a woman. He liked to keep his options open, but now that he has returned to Merveille for good, his mother is trying her damnedest to get him married off and producing the next Bingham heir. When Alex asks for his help, he is only too eager to help her and maybe get his mother off his back in the process. He never expected to fall for her.

*This is a clean romance



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