A Puzzle Of Old Bones (Dave Slater Mystery Novels Book 10)

Written by P.F. Ford
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Newly promoted Detective Inspector Dave Slater could groan when he’s handed his first case in his new role. This isn’t the first time he’s had to deal with dug-up old bones – and things get even worse when he gets to the scene to discover the skeleton is that of a little boy.
Along with new partner DS Samantha Brearley, known as Watson, he tracks down a couple whose only son went missing years previously. But they are adamant that the remains found, and even a distinctive antique silver pendant discovered beside the body, can’t have anything to do with their missing son. When DNA results back up their assertion, Slater finds himself at a crossroads, the evidence pointing every which way.
But there’s an unfortunate fact about digging – once you start, you never know what else you might find. And Slater soon begins to realise, there could be more than the bones of a little boy lying buried deep in the past.



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