A Perfectly Imperfect Love (Friends Falling Book 2)

Written by Nikki Vale
Category: · Romance

Regina Santos has never quite fit in to the high society she was raised in. Working in her bakery and hanging out with her best friends, Megan and Evelynn, are the only two places she feels at home.

Brayden Caffee is a sexy, foul-mouthed fireman, with a love them and leave them reputation. He doesn’t hate women; he just hasn’t found the one that lights his fire.

Will Regina choose Brayden over the approval of her family? Will Brayden leave his playboy ways behind for the one woman who makes him want to become a better man? Follow them as they decide whether they’re happy the way they are or if they’re willing to risk it all on a perfectly imperfect love.

This story overlaps with ‘I’ll Run to You,’ but does continue on to it’s own story line.

***This book could be read as book #2 in a Series after I’ll Run to You, or as a stand-alone.****



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