A Leader In The Mirror: Revealing The Leader In You!

Written by Joel Parker
Category: · Business & Money

There was a moment in my life where I hit the ground hard, despair was the operative term. By God’s mercy I mustered up enough will to see the next thing I needed to do, then the next and next and so on.

As hope began to be the operative term I realized people were starting to look to me to be a leader. Me? Really? Unknowingly, I was developing as a leader by leading myself and opportunities began to embrace me. After several layers of success since then, I wanted to share my story and the tools I used for personal growth and leadership. 

Looking for hope, growth, fulfillment and success? 

This book can help you start on that journey. Looking for original leadership techniques and principles? This book will give you practical tools to act as a leader and influence a team and organization. This book will make you reflect, contemplate and eventually do the hard things you need to do. You are the most important leader in your life.

Take control of how you lead yourself and opportunities will find you.

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