A Heart’s Assurance (Bellingwood Book 21)

Written by Diane Greenwood Muir
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Winter has taken hold in Bellingwood.

Boots, coats, roaring fireplace, blankets, snow days – the Bell House is prepared for nearly anything.

Nearly anything …

Let’s see. Where shall we start?

Rebecca’s first big party following the Winter Snowball Dance fills the house with joy, but high school kids don’t have much sense sometimes. The next day, a quick trip to Boone turns Polly’s family upside down. Hayden and Cat’s Christmas announcement will bring changes – something that everyone is excited about. Henry and Polly trained to be foster parents and while the Bell House can hold more people, are they ready?

In one of Polly’s most heart wrenching rescues we meet Shelly Nelson, taken from her family at a young age. Suddenly, she shows up again five years later. The young woman has been through inconceivable hell and trusts no one, yet her heart desperately wants to believe that there is goodness in the world and she can be safe again.

In a world filled with brokenness, we look for those who remain steadfast in the midst of the storm. The Giller-Sturtz family has at its core – strength, love and stability. When Polly’s stamina ebbs, she is restored by her friends who, in their selfless love, give each other unending support.

Winter may have taken hold, but spring is coming to Bellingwood.



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