A Gentle Introduction to Speaking in Public (Public Speaking Books, Public Speaking for Success, Public Speaking Handbook, Public Speaking Anxiety, Public Speaking Fear)

Written by Stephen Haunts
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Don’t let Public Speaking Anxiety or Fear or a lack of Self-Confidence get the Better of You

Speaking in public, whether it is for a company presentation or in front of a large public audience, can be a frightening experience, but with proper planning and practicing you can reduce the amount of anxiety you will experience and develop the self-confidence needed to deliver a killer talk or presentation. Perhaps you are inspired by your favorite TED speakers, and you want to understand how they prepare and plan for a talk. This book will help you do just that.

I started speaking in public three years ago to help promote my video training business, and like most people, I was terrified, but the more I did it, and the more I prepared, the easier it becomes. In this book, I have I written down all the tips and tricks that I have learned on my journey from novice to a professional speaker where I have traveled the world speaking at large tech conferences.

In this book you will learn…

  • How to create engaging presentations
  • How to best prepare for giving a talk, mentally and physically
  • How to deliver a great talk with confidence like a professional TED speaker

About the Author

Stephen Haunts has been a professional software and applications developer since 1996 and as a hobby since he was 10. Stephen has worked in many different industries including computer games, online banking, retail finance, healthcare & pharmaceuticals and insurance. Stephen started programming in BASIC on machines such as the Dragon 32, Vic 20 and the Amiga and moved onto C and C++ on the IBM PC. Stephen has been developing software in C# and the .NET framework since first being introduced to it in 2003.

As well as being an accomplished software developer, Stephen is also an experienced development leader and has led, mentored and coached teams to deliver many high-value, high-impact solutions in finance and healthcare. Outside of Stephen’s day job, he is also an experienced tech blogger who runs a popular blog called Coding in the Trenches at http://www.stephenhaunts.com/, and he is also a training course author for the popular online training company Pluralsight.

Stephen also runs several open source projects including SafePad, Text Shredder, Block Encryptor, and Smoke Tester—the post-deployment testing tool.

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