A Fever In The Heart (Ann Rule’s Crime Files Book 3)

Written by Ann Rule

A FEVER IN THE HEART covers the real life drama of a love triangle that ended in tragedy, shocking the tight knit community of Yakima, Washington.
What began as an innocent flirtation erupted into an affair that destroyed many lives. At its center were three people so charismatic, attractive and intelligent, that they should have had decades of happiness ahead of them. But three is a crowd, and the odd man out wanted back in–at any cost.
But was he capable of murder? Supporters said no, and pointed out he had an airtight alibi. Yet someone hatched a fatal scheme so unbelievable it could be a plot from a Hitchcock film. Ann Rule first covered this case for COSMOPOLITAN magazine in 1976. But Olive Blankenbaker, mother of one of the victims, begged Rule to dig deeper and write an entire book. Rule promised Olive that she would. It took twenty years, but she kept her promise to Olive. Rule’s thorough research of one of the most fascinating cases she has ever found brings FEVER IN THE HEART to life and keeps true crime fans riveted. Readers who don’t want the plot revealed should avoid reading THE LIBRARY JOURNAL’S spoiler review below. While there are many twists, turns and surprises in this convoluted story, some might find the review below gives away too much.


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