A FATEFUL CHOICE: My Survival Story

Written by Abraham Rozenzveig

How can a 7 year old boy survive the Holocaust? How does he succeed in regaining hope after withstanding years of extreme hunger and cold, with the incessant fear of death ever present?

A Fateful Choice is the riveting, true story of what happened to Avramele when World War II erupted.

A decision is made that changes the course of his and his family’s lives, sealing their fates forever.

Hiding deep in the foul swamps and murky forests of Belarus, Avramele endures abandonment and terrible loneliness. But with incredible courage for such a young child, with the help of a remarkable family and a little bit of luck, a strong willed and resilient boy emerges from his dark and painful past.

Trekking across war-torn Europe, through refugee camps and an Alpine orphanage, crossing stormy seas and suffering imprisonment in Cyprus, Avramele (Abraham) reclaims his life on the shores of Israel.



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