A Day in the Park: Ryan Hutton’s Prehistoric Adventure

Written by Matt Weiss
Category: · Children’s Books

What it would be like to be the first to discover something hidden for thousands of years?

Ryan Hutton and his friends Jay and Casey venture out to Pratt’s Woods for extra credit in their science class. When Ryan stumbles over a rock in the trail, they unearth a mystery that will change the way they think about their town. As they try to identify what they’ve found, Ryan’s mind wanders to a time thousands of years in the past, when prehistoric animals roamed the land. His dreams and the search collide when a team of researchers join the hunt for ice age life. Together, they discover what’s buried in their own back yard.

A Day in the Park is for anyone who’s picked up something interesting and asked, how did this get here? Written for middle grade and early high school readers, this book is an adventure the entire family can enjoy.



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