A Day In October

Written by Joel Buhs
Category: · Romance

To be a better father, he had to let go the love of his life.

A sentimental and uplifting account of love lost and new beginnings, A Day In October is the story of a man reeling from the recent separation from his son’s mother and trying to find peace with the changes in his life.

Struggling to come to terms with his new life as a single father, Joel leaves the suburbs of Seattle hoping to find the answers within himself to get back to being who he once was, only to be faced with memories of his relationship with Madeleine. As he travels further from home, Joel revisits memories and places that remind him of the woman he fell in love with, and finds a way to move past the bitterness and hurt in order to find a new appreciation Madeleine, and set the foundation for the man he needs to be for their son, Lukas.

A great read for anyone who has ever had a hard time dealing with a break up, especially single parents!



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