A Crash-Course in Chinese Cuisine and Tea

Written by Ani Right

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Do you like Chinese food? Would you like to know something more about it beyond sweet and sour fish? Ar you planning to visit China or just go for a nice dinner at a new Chinese restaurant in your neighborhood? Do you love Chinese tea, but have difficulty choosing which one to buy? Do you still believe that the only ingredients of Chinese cuisine are soy sauce and starch? Do you know how many regional cuisines there are in Chinese cooking?

In this short book “A Crash-Course in Chinese Cuisine and Tea” (which is not a cookbook) you will get information on:

The main ingredients of Chinese cooking

Chinese cooking methods

Chinese cooking utensils

Particularities of regional Chinese cuisine

What to order in Sichuan or Shandong

Best restaurants for regional food in Beijing or Shanghai 

What not to do with chopsticks 

Best Chinese snacks and desserts

Most popular alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks 

Chinese eating etiquette 

Some facts from the history of Chinese cuisine

Types of Chinese tea

Regions where the best tea is grown 

Best tea for weight loss

The Tea Street in Beijing

Tea houses

Tea scams and more

If you have Chinese friends or business partners, teaching Chinese students, intend to travel to the region, or simply  want to be better informed, this short concise book will provide you with condensed and clear information on the essential parts of Chinese culture. In dealing with the Chinese it is important to know at least the basics of their eating etiquette and how to avoid mistakes.

Have you noticed that the Chinese food in China and that which is served in Western countries differs a great deal? For the answer, look in the book “A crash-Course in Chinese Cuisine and Tea”. Is Chinese minority cuisine is similar to Chinese cuisine? Which region is proud that its chefs were cooking to emperors? Which tea is called white tea? Is Chinese tea expensive? What is the most common Chinese dessert? Do Chinese eat a lot of meat? What kind of meat? The answers to those questions and more are there as well.

You will be impressed by the variety of Chinese alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and you will learn about Moutai and its famous strong alcohol, very expensive and prestigious among Chinese. You will read about a hot water rule, which might change your attitude towards cold water you drink everyday. 

If you need clear, concise and reliable information on Chinese cuisine and tea, take this crash-course. While planning to move to China, Ani Right was looking for this information to prepare for her new life there.

She understood that it was quite challenging to find it without reading volumes or getting into detail. After having researched available resources and having tasted many, many Chinese dishes, she decided to write this crash-course which might be useful to others. The book ” A Crash-Course in Chinese Cuisine and Tea” serves as an introduction to another book by Ani Right, which will be launched soon – “Practical Tips to Live or Travel in China”, where you can find even more practical information for every step of your trip, starting with preparation and ending with advice on what not to take out of the country.



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