A Book & Candle Mystery Box Set: Books 1-3 (A Witch’s Guide to Murder, A Witch’s Guide to Werewolves, A Witch’s Guide to Hauntings)

Written by Aubrey Harper
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Rory Wiltz is a witch with a knack for solving mysteries, especially those involving ghosts, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. With the help of her best friend Scott, a wannabe mystery writer, and a few supernatural and some all-too-human friends, there’s no mystery that Rory can’t handle, though sometimes the odds are more than stacked against her. On top of that, she has to keep her shop, Book & Candle, afloat. All in a day’s work!

This box set includes the first three Book & Candle cozy paranormal mysteries:


When Rory Wiltz inherits her grandmother’s house and shop, she sees it as sign to move back to her hometown of Hazelville, Ohio. She convinces her best friend Scott to come with her, not knowing what awaits for them there.

It seemed that her grandmother was a witch of sorts, because the shop she left her, Book & Candle, definitely caters to the occult community. Things get even weirder when her grandmother’s ghost appears and demands that her murder be solved.

Rory is in over her head, but with the help of her mystery-loving friend Scott and her witchy cousin Rhi, she’s determined to track down her grandmother’s killer. Jack, the sexy new detective in town, and Hunter, the mysterious new arrival only complicate matters more. Will Rory uncover the killer before the killer comes for her?


It’s Halloween time and Book & Candle is busier than ever. Rory Wiltz, newbie witch, is in over her head. To make matters worse she learns from her friend Scott that there’ve been wild animal attacks on the edge of town.

Taking a respite from her magic lessons with the always mysterious Hunter, Rory decides to check it out. When her pregnant sister comes to town to give birth, Rory is more determined than ever to find out who’s really behind the attacks.

But it won’t be easy: the local sheriff is not a fan and tells her to stay away from his case. With the help of her best friend Scott, fellow witch Hunter, and the sexy Detective Jack Morgan, Rory is determined to stop the attacks once and for all. But at what cost?


Newbie witch Rory Wiltz was having a nice day until she got a letter from the Witches’ Council telling her that her services were needed at a local inn that had a not-so-secret reputation for being haunted. Apparently recent disappearances at the inn and word of Rory’s reputation for solving supernatural mysteries made her the council’s number one choice.

Rory has had her fill of ghosts and is not happy at all, but Hunter, a fellow witch and maybe her boyfriend if things go right, informs her that no one refuses the council without heavy consequences.

Rory decides to check it out, and takes Hunter and her best friend Scott as backup. It’s not long before they discover that they might be in over their heads. A few familiar faces from the police station make appearances as well. Rory will try her best, but things are looking pretty grim. If she doesn’t figure out what’s really happening at the inn, she and her friends might just be its latest victims…



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