4.5 Years: Memoir of a WW2 POW

Written by David Taylor

A WW2 memoir of a Prisoner of War
‘It is criminal that such a significant and brave action by Scottish soldiers is not awarded its rightful place!’ The Scottish Association of the Teachers of History
The true story of a young Scottish soldier stranded in France during WW2 and sent to a Prisoner-of-War camp.
   Despite starvation, loneliness and the permanent threat of prison cruelty, Dave found the inner resources to keep going. He saw it as his duty to escape and he tried often enough, for long enough to explore France in unexpected ways, using his schoolboy French to good effect.
   With his forced companions, he fought his own war to stay alive and keep his humanity. He played his accordion, invented a water-heater from prison rubbish, and communicated through mathematical formulae when there was no common language. Amid the defiance and savage punishments, there were also football, concerts and time to learn hand-stitching from a Jewish tailor.
   The story of 4.5 years in a world where one egg is an illegal treasure, where knives are hidden and get used, where Jewish prisoners are glimpsed and, inexplicably, disappear.
   This book is a tribute to the human spirit.
‘A fascinating Prisoner of War-Internee story. Dave’s personality, technical skills, common sense and Scottish entrepreneurial attitude shine through.’ Don Marshall, Military History Enthusiast



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