1946-52: Years of Trial and Hope

Written by Harry S. Truman

Written with the same honesty and passion that made the first volume of Harry S. Truman’s memoirs – 1945: Year of Decision – so compelling, this book explores in detail the extraordinary problems the president had to face in the years after World War II.

Truman recounts the story of the explosive China situation and George Marshall’s patient and brilliant handling of it – and examines the creation of the Truman Doctrine, the history of the Marshall Plan, the Berlin airlift, and the enormously complicated problem of creating a Jewish homeland.

The climax of Years of Trial and Hope comes with Truman’s dramatic discussion of the Korean War and his dismissal of General Douglas MacArthur for repeatedly refusing to follow orders from both the Joints Chiefs of Staff and the president himself.

He also talks about his decision to not run for the presidency in 1952, offering his strong opinions about the Stevenson and Eisenhower campaigns, and concluding with a memorable account of his White House meeting with President-elect Eisenhower shortly before the end of his term.

Filled with astute observations of major historical events and the leaders who shaped them, Truman offers readers an incisive look at postwar American history.



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