11 Lessons from Bootstrapping a Non-Tech Startup: The brutal journey from idea to reality

Written by Isaac Morehouse
Category: · Business & Money

Most business books are written after success is a fact. Isaac Morehouse, founder and CEO of Praxis, always thought it would be cool to read one written in the middle of the process of creating success. He couldn’t find any, so he decided to write one of his own.
This book is about the earliest stages of starting a company. It’s about Isaac’s personal experience of going from complete startup novice to founder and CEO, and what he learned during the process about the process.
These eleven lessons are sort of like a, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” for startups. These are some of the things he learned from the day the idea for Praxis was conceived, through the newborn and early toddler years.
Your idea baby is being born – are you ready?



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