About Freado

Freado was founded in 2009 with a goal to help readers find best books in innovative ways.

One of our biggest learning over the years is that the ebook explosion has increased the amount of noise (i.e. mediocre books) and decreased the signal (i.e quality books.) There are thousands of books competing for your attention and most of them are not worthy of your time.

Our solution is to have humans inspect the books for quality and ensure that the books we put in front of you are only those that are worthy of your attention. Our editorial team will ensure that the books you get in your inbox are at the intersection of high quality and low price or even free.

We don’t sell books here. We screen through top retailers sites and curate the books that are likely to be enjoyed by our reader community.

Authors & Publishers

If you are interested in submitting your book for consideration, please click here.

If you have any questions or concerns write to us at info@freado.com or call us at 480-409-1623