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Mark Jacobs
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About Me:

Mark Paul Jacobs lives in lovely Dauphin, Pennsylvania. He enjoys fishing the Canadian north, internet poker, and annoying his wife. Although not a full time writer, he intends to churn out a short story, novelette, or even a novel every so often, and continue to study and learn this craft that he enjoys immensely. His most notable work so far is the hard science fiction novel: The Yaakmen of Tyrie, currently available in the form of a four part serial novel (a total of five parts are anticipated). He is also quite proud of his short story: Reckoning, and his chilling novelette with the provocative title: The Watchers from Within Moments Revealed. Please enjoy his works and don’t be afraid to tell him what you think on his Facebook page or by email. And lastly, please take the time to leave him a review (authors live for these!); you can do this on SMASHWORDS or any other site where his books are available.
Author’s note: I am presenting the first four (4) of an anticipated five (5) parts of my Yaakmen of Tyrie saga FREE in ebook format on Upon completion of the fifth and final installment, I intend to combine these stories into a complete volume and offer at a modest price in ebook and print format. Please enjoy these adventure stories and don’t be afraid to tell me what you think via reviews or my Facebook page. I’m eager to hear from you.



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