Roz Morris


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About Me:

Who am I? The short version: I write novels, and I help others improve their novels.

Still with me? Here's a slightly longer version.

I have 11 published novels under my belt, many of them bestsellers. But you won't have seen my name on the shelves because they were ghostwritten. Occasionally I come out from under the sheet and write under my own name.

Originally I was a journalist, but decided I far preferred making stories up - the most insignificant fact would fill my brain with little bees buzzing 'what if...'

But writing fiction isn't just inspiration, there's a lot of craft involved. You start with a restless idea, but what makes it into a novel is a complex alchemy of analysis and artistry. I am endlessly interested in this process of writing, in how people do it - and in figuring out what works. That's why I critique the work of others for a top literary consultancy in London, UK.

I'm not allowed to tell you which bestsellers I wrote - they're (hush!) a trade secret. But if you want to get to know me a little better, drop in at my website, - where I keep a regular diary of challenges I'm tackling in my writing. Hope to see you there.


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